Revenue Protection

teleSys Firewall solutions allow for network fortification, helping to eliminate revenue losses.

Installations/Operators Worldwide Protection against fraudulent activities at operator interconnections
Customized Training Efficient reporting & alerting interface
Online or Onsite Real-time monitoring & filtering for fraud detection
Multi-Service Networks Implements enhanced rules to handle complex network interconnection scenarios
Adaptable to all skill levels Customized handling of bad messages per interconnection point
Tailored to Requirements Wide range of deployment options depending on operator’s network

Revenue Protection

Extreme demand for mobile internet communication from smart devices causes paramount challenges for operators to secure their signaling network in order to ensure service quality and customer satisfaction. Fast evolution in generational technology is also introducing new network functions and signaling protocols with enhanced flexibilities, thus creating additional vulnerability scenarios. As a result, network operators are facing a substantial increase in spam and fraud traffic, which can cripple their network and affect their revenue margins significantly.

teleSys’ comprehensive fraud control solutions prevent illegal, fake, spam and flooding threats, enabling network operators to address their needs effectively across all networks with flexibility unmatched by any other solution.

  • Fast detection & control of fraudulent traffic
  • Conforms to GSMA recommendations
  • Extensive filtering capabilities help provision stringent rules to prevent revenue loss
  • Secures subscriber privacy
  • Supports all network deployments based on operator needs, either in pre-integrated or standalone mode
  • Supports industry standard integration interfaces to OSS/BSS functions
  • Hypervisor-independent virtualized solution with integration interface to any third party lifecycle managers (VNFM)
  • Active roadmap support, confirming fast evolution with advancing technology and protection against new vulnerabilities

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