Feature rich interworking solution for Service Mediation

Multi-Service Networks Offers customizable interworking between cross-network services in multi-generational networks
Seamless Integration Facilitates non-disruptive launch of new revenue generating services with customized interworking solution between network functions
Software Fully compliant with network standards for all signaling interfaces & protocols
Deployment/Migration Process Helps graceful transition to new generation networks while bridging services from existing network
Successful Deployments Scale seamlessly supporting deployment from entry-level to high end throughput performance
Customer Satisfaction Confirms both investment control & protection to service providers


teleSys’ MACH7-SMG, the mediation gateway for service convergence enables network operators to make incremental investments in emerging technologies while providing a bridge to existing value added services from already installed network elements.

This Gateway provides the capability of True Service Convergence between the telecom networks providing a state-of-the-art solution for this co-existence of disparate signaling protocols, achieving a fast time to market to meet changing customer demands.

Features & Highlights
  • Supports wide-range of Signaling interfaces including Diameter, Radius, MAP, INAP/CAP, SIP and others
  • Enables customized service specific interworking capability
  • Readily available with several standard and customized interworking functionality
  • Addresses the needs for mobility, service and resource convergence to address investment protection needs
  • Allows weighted & failover traffic distribution across multiple destinations
  • Can scale from entry level deployment to high end service demands

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