MACH7-iMCP for SMS Firewall

Intelligent Message Control Point

Software Conforms to latest GSMA standards
Agility & Flexibility Anti-spoof & Anti-fake control
Multi-Service Networks Safeguard against SMS Fraud & Spamming
Successful Deployments Intuitive & easy-to-manage solution with configurable treatment for bad messages
Features & Turnkey Optimizes network resource utilization & protect revenue losses
Customer Satisfaction Preserves subscriber confidentiality and service satisfaction

MACH7-iMCP for SMS Firewall

teleSys’ SMS Firewall service safeguards mobile operators from fraudulent attacks, through a easy-to-manage system which only allows legally validated traffic being processed further within the home network functions, while rejecting / blocking the unwanted ones. Fully compliant with GSMA recommendations (IR.70 & IR.71), and built on carrier grade MACH7 Universal Signaling platform, this SMS Firewall solution can offer selective or consolidated capabilities of SMS Anti-Spoof, Anti-fake (using Home Routing feature) and Anti-Spam control with wide-range of deployment flexibilities.

Features & Highlights
  • Compliant with GSMA recommendations
  • Available on both Bare-Metal & Telco Cloud environment
  • Anti-Spoof by validating address consistency
  • Anti-Fake control using SMS Home Routing features
  • Supports both Firewall & HLR initiated Home Routing capability
  • Anti-spam filtering using pattern detection
  • Enables SMS A-Number Screening
  • Protection again message flooding & denial-of-service attacks
  • Supports wide-range of network connections & communication protocols
  • Easy-to-use provisioning interface for illegitimate intrusion detection and prevention procedures
  • Can be deployed either as an integrated or standalone solution

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