Intelligent Home Register Router

Global State-of-the-art solution for Flexible Number Routing (FNR) features
Software Ease of OSS/BSS integration using industry standard interface
Deployment/Migration Process Supports wide-range communication protocols
Adaptable to all skill levels Intuitive & easy-to-manage user interface
Seamless Integration Standard based implementation confirms seamless integration to network UDRs
Tailored to Requirements Can be deployed on Bare Metal or Telco-Cloud environment


MACH7 Home Register router allows operator to route signaling traffic to the subscription databases (HLRs/HSSs) intelligently based on analysis of complete subscriber MSISDN or IMSI received. Also termed as Flexible Number Routing (FNR), this capability facilitates re-use of existing storages in User Data Repositories (UDR) confirming significant CapEx and Opex savings.

This feature also enhances management of new SIM card allocation, while incorporating additional security to validate subscriber traffic prior forwarding that to UDR element.

Features & Highlights
  • Routes traffic based on subscriber IMSI / MSISDN to specific nodes
  • Maximizes capacity usage of User Directories (HLRs, HSSs)
  • Facilitates OpEx savings with efficient network routing
  • Enhances processing of new SIM card activation
  • Implements White, Grey & Black List for subscribers
  • Enables seamless network upgrades & managed growth

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