Revenue Generation

Rapidly launch revenue generating services without disturbing your current network.

Multi-Service Networks Reduce integration tasks with pre-integrated, software based, value-added applications
Features & Turnkey Cloud-ready and cloud-native software enables rapid launch of services as opposed to hardware agnostic solutions
Customer Satisfaction Compliant with network standards, ensuring seamless interoperability
Revenue Generating Solutions Consolidation of services reduces OpEx and helps new revenue generation
Agility & Flexibility Incorporate new features in a short turnaround using Agile customization
Tailored to Requirements Solutions capable of scaling on-demand, allowing fast decision making for trying out new service

Revenue Generation

Customer retention is a critical factor for any service provider business. In order to retain users, operators must offer promotional discounts. At the same time, they must continuously invest to increase capacity and service quality. As a result, service providers are constantly looking for fast & easy ways to launch new, innovative, revenue generating applications.

teleSys’ portfolio of Enhanced Services, hosted on the MACH7 Universal Signaling Platform, enables service providers to enhance their revenue generation by rapidly launching pre-integrated services for their subscribers. Furthermore, the majority of these services cause zero network disruption for a successful deployment.

Additionally, teleSys’s Core Routing solutions facilitate service providers to deploy new third party services by simply provisioning a traffic redirection or duplication feature using built-in flexible routing rules.

Above and beyond, teleSys’ agile custom development services allow service providers to implement and launch customized solutions specifically developed for their network, within a reasonably short time frame which leads to new revenue streams with increased ARPU and subscriber loyalty.

  • Fault-tolerant framework guarantees no single-point-of-failure
  • Service logic can be customized on demand to adapt and rollout new services
  • Implements Intelligent Routing & Service Control capabilities
  • Simplifies service rollout across multi-generation networks
  • Scalable service model addressing entry to high level service demands
  • Hypervisor-independent, virtualized solution with integration interface to any third party lifecycle managers (VNFM)
  • Supports industry standards integration interfaces to OSS/BSS functions
  • Can be bundled with several off-the-shelf enhanced signaling solutions and applications
  • Future proof, cost effective solutions with active roadmap for agile evolution

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