Intelligent Border Roaming Gateway

Real Engineers Eliminates accidental roaming charges for home subscribers at network borders
Software Ease of OSS/BSS integration using industry standard interface
Seamless Integration Standard based implementation confirms non-disruptive service introduction
Tailored to Requirements Can be deployed on Bare Metal or Telco-Cloud environment
Features & Turnkey Intelligent and easy-to-manage procedure to detect border area registration attempts
Experienced Increases ARPU with increased subscriber retention


teleSys’ MACH7-BRG, the Border Roaming Gateway service implements procedures to detect and control roaming signaling traffic originated from border areas of service provider’s network.

This capability allows operator to continue providing home network service facilities to its subscribers when they are traveling around border areas, at a better cost improving customer experience. It protects home subscribers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while still within their home network, avoiding unnecessary roaming charges.

Features & Highlights
  • Enhances subscriber experience with better service
  • Prevents unnecessary roaming charges
  • Determines subscriber current location on runtime
  • Configurable rejection count, interval and cause
  • Implements Black List, White List configuration for subscribers and operators
  • Managed via intuitive GUI for service provisioning
  • Efficient reporting and monitoring interface

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