Authentication Proxy Gateway for Ut-Proxy

Features & Turnkey Authenticates mobile subscribers requesting access to modify supplementary services
Installations/Operators Worldwide Ensures information security for both subscribers & services
Multi-Service Networks Simplifies deployment of network services on VoLTE Application nodes
Software Full compliance to standards confirms seamless interoperability
Seamless Integration Reduces network complexity confirming OpEx savings
Roadmap Future-proof solution with active roadmap


The MACH7-APG platform, a stand-alone Authentication Proxy Gateway solution for 4G/IMS networks, facilitating secure authentication of User Equipment (UE) while functioning as a Proxy server towards Application Servers in IMS networks. MACH7-APG’s advanced technology delivers carrier-class solution at reduced costs, and ease-of-use in a compact, reliable design with complete redundancy.

Features & Highlights
  • For VoLTE subscribers using USIMs & ISIMs
  • Handling requests from both Trusted & non-Trusted source(s)
  • TLS encryption/decryption of XDM (Ut) transactions
  • Compression / Decompression of XML data
  • Weighted & Failover routing of Ut requests to AS
  • Authentication vector retrieval functionality from both IMS HSS and 3G HLR node(s)
  • Supported protocols:
    • Diameter Zh (for HSS), Zn (for isolated BSF – NAF)
    • XCAP (using HTTP/HTTPS) for Ua / Ub / AP-AS interface
    • Optional: GSM MAP Zh’ interface with HLR over SIGTRAN
    • Optional: SOAP interface (for Zn interface)

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