Network Evolution

teleSys solutions facilitate network evolution while simultaneously protecting infrastructure investments.

Multi-Service Networks Multi-service framework for network functions enables graceful transition to evolving networks
Software Highly scalable and fault-tolerant platform architecture
Customer Satisfaction Open Architecture ensures no vendor lock-in
Deployment/Migration Process Flexible interworking enables cross network service delivery
Seamless Integration Compliance with network standards and agile customization procedures allows seamless interoperability
Tailored to Requirements Wide-range of standard deployment options, including cloud-native solutions

Network Evolution

Transitioning from 4G to 5G networks with promises for high-data rates, spectral efficiency, and ultra-low latencies requires a myriad of adjustments and upgrades. Networks will become denser, while virtualization will become vital. Moving existing infrastructures to the edges of the network is essential for 5G evolution. Even though technology is evolving very rapidly, network operators have invested billions in 4G networks, therefore in many cases its essential that current 4G networks will form the basis of upcoming 5G networks.

teleSys’ offers a perfect blueprint for transitioning signaling capabilities to future generation networks by providing a complete intelligent signaling routing, screening & interworking solution using the MACH7 Universal Signaling Platform and its services.

  • All-active distributed architecture with redundant components guarantees no single-point-of-failure
  • Supports wide-range of network protocols for multi-generational networks, including HTTP/2 for 5G networks
  • Implements Intelligent Routing & Service Control capabilities
  • Offers seamless interworking to access services from traditional networks
  • Equipped with easy-to-use web-based GUI and Command line for OAM&P
  • Supports industry-standard integration interfaces to OSS/BSS functions
  • Hypervisor independent virtualized solution with integration interface to any third party lifecycle managers (VNFM)
  • Option to bundle with several off-the-shelf enhanced signaling solution and applications

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