Virtualized intelligent STP

Features & Turnkey Feature rich Signaling Transfer solution
Installations/Operators Worldwide Deployed worldwide in both bare metal & cloud infrastructure
Multi-Service Networks Supports wide-variety of network interfaces
Deployment/Migration Process Successfully migrated service from EoL-ed installations with zero disruption
Seamless Integration Open architecture solution enabled seamless interoperability with network functions from other vendors
Roadmap Active roadmap, confirms long lifecycle


In spite of the fact that network technologies are going through fast evolution, legacy & previous generation networks are still operational and will certainly co-exist for longer period. As premier provider for Signaling solutions teleSys’ offers intelligent next-generation Signaling Transfer (STP) solution for both Bare Metal & Cloud-based infrastructure.

This feature rich scalable solution perfectly addresses need of service providers by enabling specialized network routing to launch value-added services without disrupting the networks. Additionally it also mitigates operators impending challenge of replacing EoL-ed STP deployments without affecting network architecture & services.

Features & Highlights
  • Conforms to all network variants ANSI, ITUT, Japan, China and other country specific ones.
  • Offers multiple network interfaces for both TDM (LSL/HSL) & Sigtran/IP
  • Can be consolidated with Core traffic routing solution of other generation networks, with interworking in-between all signaling
  • Supports Point Code & Advanced Global Title Routing
  • Enables Smart Message Screening to protect against unauthorized traffic
  • Message Accounting feature helps in generating revenues as interconnect hub operator
  • Supports Multiple Point Codes & Logical network instances to interface multiple networks simultaneously from same deployment
  • Allows weighted traffic distribution across multiple instances of SCCP Application Nodes
  • Message duplication feature allows duplicated messages to be forwarded to alternate destination for monitoring or value-added services
  • Specialized routing allows flexibility to re-route signaling traffic based on any specific contents with or without modification

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