Signaling Gateway for TDM-IP conversion

Features & Turnkey Offers seamless conversion between TDM to Sigtran & vice-versa
Installations/Operators Worldwide Can operate as SS7 Access Concentrator for IP based Application Nodes
Multi-Service Networks Supports wide-variety of network interfaces
Deployment/Migration Process Allows intelligent traffic load distribution to connected Application clients including failover handling
Seamless Integration Enables cost-effective replacement of expensive & under-utilized long haul SS7 links to IP
Tailored to Requirements Supports both Bare Metal & Cloud infrastructure


teleSys’ MACH7-iSG is a cost effective SS7/Sigtran Signaling Gateway solution to facilitate convergence of traditional SS7 with next-generation IP networks.

MACH7-iSG solution confirms protection to service providers investments by interconnecting traditional network elements to that of IP networks.

It can operate as a Network Access Node for telecom applications providing concentrated access point to the core by significantly reducing number network connections, while aggregating signaling traffic with intelligent routing, address translation & security.

Features & Highlights
  • Supports all network variants ANSI, ITUT, Japan, China and other country specific ones.
  • Wide-variety network interface support includes both TDM (LSL/HSL) & Sigtran/IP (M3UA, M2PA, SUA, M2UA)
  • Seamless interworking/conversion of TDM traffic to Sigtran and vice-versa
  • Enables SS7-over-IP backhaul solution
  • Supports Point Code & Global Title Routing
  • Enables Application-farm architecture, by providing concentrated network access to the Core.
  • Allows weighted traffic distribution across multiple instances Application nodes
  • Available in both non-redundant and redundant (HA) architecture

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