Virtualized Equipment Identity Register

24x7 Enables real-time IMEI checks for mobile devices
Adaptable to all skill levels Maintains White, Grey & Black lists for devices
Software Safeguard against SIM & Device frauds
Revenue Generating Solutions Enables revenue generating services & marketing campaigns
Contact Options Supports wide range of communication interfaces
Agility & Flexibility Flexible deployment option, single or unified solution


teleSys’ MACH7-EIR facilitates validation of mobile equipment within a network by validating the device-id also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This EIR solution enables operator to eliminate fraud risk by maintaining all carrier’s registered handsets by maintaining and managing White, Grey & Black Lists and validating each device during its registration process.

Subscriber EIR database can also be used to lock certain subscribers to particular mobile equipment using IMSI-IMEI management.

It also facilitates distinguishing inbound roamers from home subscribers while providing several revenue generating services and marketing campaigns to targeted users.

Features & Highlights
  • Conforms to 3GPP standards
  • Supports both GSM MAP and Diameter S13/S13’ interfaces simultanoeusly
  • Allows operators to deter device theft by locking mobile devices to SIM cards
  • Triggers alerts on frequent change of SIM cards in a provisioned device
  • Easily implements service control by provisioning black, while & grey lists of authorized devices
  • Facilitates launching of value-added services like “Welcome SMS” to roamers
  • Easy-to-use provisioning & management interface
  • Can be deployed either as an integrated or standalone solution

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