Virtualized Intelligent Security Edge Protection Proxy

Global Flexible & intelligent routing of 5G https/2
Software Support Topology Hiding with Anti-spoof control
Deployment/Migration Process Weighted load balancing of ingress traffic
Adaptable to all skill levels Single view GUI & Command interface with efficient reporting
Seamless Integration Full compliance to 5G standards confirms seamless interoperability
Tailored to Requirements For consolidated deployment, offers license sharing with other protocols


With the promise of higher efficiency, capacity, security & flexibility over previous generations, 5G networks introduces new network functions as well as new signaling https/2  (IETF RFC 7540, 3GPP TS 29.500 Rel. 15).

teleSys solution portfolio incorporates key 5G Security Edge Protection Proxy solution that will allows 5G operators an efficient control of their emerging security & routing needs and also facilitate then to transition into 5G solutions with investment protection, by collocating the multi-generation signaling control solutions with interworking capabilities on same deployment.

This will enable service providers to manage all security and roaming policies across 4G & 5G network on a consolidated deployment instead of running them as separate silos

Features & Highlights
  • Conforms to 3GPP 5G security specifications
  • Supports intelligent routing on any parameter
  • Allows negotiation and storage of session keys
  • Supports both N32-f and N32-c interfaces
  • Detection of malformed N32 messages
  • Network topology hiding
  • Rate Control for egress/ingress traffic
  • Support for transport layer security (TLS)
  • Also offers consolidated deployment with Core traffic routing solution of other generation networks
  • Implements customizable interworking with other network protocols from previous generations

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