Intelligent Steering of Roaming

Installations/Operators Worldwide Powerful real-time solution to select favored roaming network for home subscribers
Software Ease of OSS/BSS integration using industry standard interface
Customer Satisfaction Conforms to GSMA recommendation
Seamless Integration Full compliance to standards confirms seamless service introduction
Multi-Service Networks Multi-generation network compliance. supporting GSM MAP and Diameter protocols
Revenue Generating Solutions Enhances operator revenue & roaming profitability


MACH7-SoR, offers real time steering which enables flexibility and complete control of the roaming subscriber distribution across visited networks. teleSys’ Steering of Roaming solution can operate either as an integrated or standalone network function, enables complete flexibility to service providers to provision advances steering rules, confirming subscriber satisfaction and revenue protection.

Features & Highlights
  • Enables operator to configure preferred distribution of outbound roamers
  • Conforms to GSMA IR.73 recommendation
  • Ability to define max. rejects & rejection period per visited VPLMN
  • Configurable network specific rejection count, interval and cause
  • Supports Black List, White List configuration for subscribers and operators
  • Provided uniformly across MAP (2G/3G) & Diameter (4G) connections
  • Efficient reporting & alerting feature to keep track of all transactions
  • Supports both Bare Metal & Telco Cloud deployment options

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