Universal Platform

Open architecture, feature rich platform for All-In-One multi-generational signaling solutions.

Software Highly scalable, fault-tolerant platform
Customized Training Customizable to carrier-specific enhancement needs
Multi-Service Networks Multi-service framework for network functions
Successful Deployments All deployment options from bare metal to cloud-native solutions available
Seamless Integration Open Architecture ensures seamless interoperability
Global Over twenty years of global deployments in 2G/3G/4G networks

Universal Platform

teleSys’s MACH7 Universal Signaling Platform is an open architecture, unified, standards-based product. With multi-network communication interfaces, the platform is capable of hosting a wide-variety of advanced solutions & network functions for service providers networks either, on a single installation or separated.

The platform is equipped with: routing, multi-generation (2G/3G/4G/5G) internetworking, distributed datastore, and a customizable service logic with an easy-to-integrate, user-friendly interface.

This distributed, fault-tolerant , and high available solution confirms MACH7 as the ideal platform to deploy enhanced communication services, which can scale seamlessly to meet high throughput capacity needs.

  • Complete redundancy guarantees no single-point-of-failure
  • All-Active distributed architecture confirms no switchover delays during failure
  • Supports a wide range of network protocols for multi-generational networks
  • Built-in Intelligent Routing & Service Control capabilities
  • Equipped with easy-to-use web-based GUI and Command line for OAM&P
  • Supports industry standards integration interfaces to OSS/BSS functions
  • Successfully interoperated globally with network elements from all major suppliers
  • Deployed on both Physical & Virtualized infrastructures in Tier 1-3 carrier networks
  • Hypervisor independent virtualized solution with integration interface to any third party lifecycle managers (VNFM)
  • Customizable service logic for rapid launch of new services, addressing time-to-market needs
  • Option to bundle with off-the-shelf enhanced signaling solutions and applications

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