Cost Optimization

Flexible, scalable, and on an open architecture, teleSys’s Universal Signaling Solution allows operators to optimize their CAPEX and OPEX.

Custom Development 100% software only, hardware-agnostic solution
Customized Training Flexible and virtualized deployment options allows significant saving
Online or Onsite Facilitates a scale-as-you-grow model, optimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Agility & Flexibility High throughput performance capacity maximizes resource usage
Successful Deployments Capability to consolidate multiple services on a single deployment
Customer Satisfaction Compliance to network standards & agile customization procedures ensures no vendor lock-in

Cost Optimization

With revenue margins at risk and immense pressure to reduce CapEx and OpEx, operators are heavily prioritizing cost optimization. Margins are threatened as operators are pushed to offer promotional discounts to attract new users. Further, operators are under constant pressure to continually invest in new technology and services to remain current in the market and with their competition.

To effectively optimize cost, operators must reduce their CapEx and OpeEx while simultaneously modifying their Total Cost of Ownership to achieve maximum efficiency. teleSys’ MACH7 platform perfectly solves operators’ needs, addressing all requirements to optimize operators costs in signaling services and related applications.

  • ETSI NFV compliant; certified & deployed on wide-range of virtualized infrastructures
  • With standard based integration interface to any 3rd Party Lifecycle Managers (VNFM)
  • Support cloud native solution architecture
  • Consolidates multiple services within one deployment, while optimizing resource usages
  • Can be bundled with several off-the-shelf enhanced signaling solution and applications
  • Support Scale-in/Scale-out, Scale-up/Scale-down capabilities
  • Supports standard based interface for vertical & horizontal integrations

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