Number Portability solution with ENUM

Software A high performance, scalable NP solution with carrier grade reliability
Seamless Integration Ease of integration using industry standard interface
Multi-Service Networks Can support NP databases for multiple networks simultaneously
Multi-Service Networks Full compliance to standards confirms seamless interoperability
Features & Turnkey Flexible deployment options, supporting multitude of communication protocols
Tailored to Requirements Flexible deployment option, single or unified solution


teleSys’ Number Portability, the MACH7-NP solution offers a wide range of capabilities to intelligently resolve subscriber number locations and routes. It enables an All-in-one Number Portability solution across operator’s network irrespective of communication types, protocols and generational technologies.

Built on robust fault-tolerant MACH7 Universal Signaling Platform, MACH7-NP solution implements several advanced capabilities including intelligent routing, message modification, number mapping and normalization with multi-protocol interworking.

With deployment options on bare metal or virtualized environment, MACH7-NP solution brings in complete flexibility to the operators to customize and deliver a state-of-the-art easy-to-manage portability solution, based on their network needs.

Features & Highlights
  • Offers converged solution across fixed & mobile networks
  • Can be hosted on Bare Metal or Telco Cloud infrastructure
  • Multi-protocol support, including ENUM, INAP/CAP/WIN, MAP, Diameter, SIP
  • Enables several methods & flows to support carrier network specific needs
  • Implements easy-to-customize service logic specific to carrier network
  • Flexible routing-number format adaptation
  • Supports bulk provisioning of subscriber data, with capability for scheduling at a later time
  • Can also support external database for number lookup, instead of in-built one
  • Hosted scalable & distributed service database is constantly monitored and periodically audited to confirm sanity
  • Capability to integrate with central database for auto provisioning of NP data

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