teleSys’ Products


As communication technologies are going through fast evolution into 4G-LTE/EPC and 5G based carrier network, both service providers and users are expecting significant benefit from considerably faster data rates, reduced latency, enhanced spectral efficiency and a simpler IP-based network architecture which collectively facilitates the delivery of new broadband services. Additionally rapid introduction of new market technologies like M2M (machine-to-machine), IoT (Internet-of-Things) etc., brings in stiff competition among manufacturers and solution providers to meet varieties of complex needs of service providers to bundle and customize different features and functionality, to stay one-step ahead in the race.

teleSys’ products, based on open-systems, high-availability and multi-protocol Universal Signaling Platform architecture, offers multiple carrier-grade solution options based on network demands.

Common universal product base, enables high flexibility in packaging and licensing the solutions for various deployment and technology options, which includes

  • Wide variety of infrastructure support, ranging from COTS-IT Rackservers to Telco-grade ATCA Blades for Physical Bare Metal environment to evolving Virtual Cloud environment
  • Multitude of protocols & variants support with inter-working, based on standards specifications
  • Advanced routing & control beyond standards recommendation enabling high degree of network efficiencies

Majority of these solution technologies are deployed by major service providers and network equipment manufacturers worldwide since Year 2000, and continuing achieving higher successes as we approaching towards 20th anniversary by 2019.

teleSys’ Products are broadly categorized into three areas for today’s communication network:

  1. Intelligent Routing. More….
  2. Secure Network. More….
  3. Service Interconnect. More….