Advanced Control of DIAMETER storm

4G-LTE traffic is characterized by unpredictable bursts in network signaling traffic due to always-on mobile devices providing data and multi-media services. These spikes in network signaling and forecasted tsunami of signaling due to massive upsurge in data traffic, making it imperative to the operators to  take measures in the core network to control the effects and enhancing user experiences.  Read More


Intelligent Routing for Policy Control

Policy and Charging Control is a critical network role and a mandatory strategic component to manage and monetize LTE networks. Reliable service demands and scalability functionality to confirm high capacity and  high availability  needs of this key solution necessitates traffic distribution based on policy session binding and correlation  to the respective  PCRF instances.  Read More


Effective Utilization and Scalability of DIAMETER Network Resources

Fast evolution of 4G-LTE networks necessitates optimum utilization of network resources to confirm return-on-investment to the service providers. Critical Network elements should also confirm carrier-grade requirements for fault tolerance, service availability, scalability and security  while minimizing operational overheads. Dynamic load distribution of signaling traffic with topology hiding is the key to address this. Read More