Network Convergence

Network Convergence Solutions from teleSys Software faciliate service providers to deploy innovative services, implement new business models and target new markets. Bridging of legacy networks and next generation networks, teleSys Convergence Gateways & Enhanced Services

  • extends life of legacy systems confirming investment protection,
  • reduces service roll-out costs,
  • mitigates data migration risks, and
  • enables seamless network evolution.


Convergence Gateways

The various Convergence Solutions using Service Mediation Gateway (SMG) product offered by teleSys are:

  • Diameter – MAP
  • Diameter – CAP / INAP
  • Diameter – Radius
  • SIP – MAP
  • SIP – CAP / INAP
  • Radius – MAP, and others

teleSys also provides wide ranges of Convergence Solutions for legacy IN signaling networks, which includes:

  • SS7 – SIGTRAN (iSG)
  • IN Signalling Controller with Load Balancing (Access Node)

Few of the several Use Cases for the different Convergence Gateways are:

  • Wi-Fi / WLAN Subscriber Authentication & Management
  • Online Prepaid Charging Interworking / Mediation
  • E.212 (IMSI) – E.214 (Mobile Global Title) Conversion
  • Deployment of Voicemail in IP Network
  • SS7 Signaling Offload over IP Network
  • Replacement of Traditional Core to Edge SS7 connectivity by IP

Enhanced Services

teleSys’ Enhanced Services portfolio includes several intelligent services with advanced signaling routing, screening (or filtering) and authentication applications for telecommunication network.

Hosted on MACH7 Universal platform, those services can either be deployed as a standalone or as an integrated architecture (with MACH7-iSTP or MACH7-iDC).

In a standalone mode, hosted service(s) will be uniquely identifiable by a network address, while in an integrated framework, it inherits network address of the front-end network element.

Leveraging Universal signaling capabilities hosted services can seamlessly process traffic for any network protocols including SS7/SIGTRAN, Diameter, SIP, LDAP etc., and facilitates service deployments across network boundaries.

List of enhanced services offered are:

Mission Statement
teleSys is the premier provider of advanced Telecommunications solutions for the next generation LTE Signaling Networks, providing open systems hardware and software.