MACH7-iDC, Intelligent Controller


teleSys’ Intelligent Diameter Controller (iDC) offers efficient control of upsurging Diameter signaling traffic to telecom operators.

Built on teleSys’ carrier-proven High Available and Scalable framework, MACH7-iDC solution offers several solution needs including:

  •     Centralized Routing in CORE network
  •     Policy Routing as Diameter Routing Agent(DRA)
  •     Edge Routing with LTE Roaming as Diameter Edge Agent(DEA)
  •     Load Balancer for Diameter signaling to Applications
  •     Diameter Signaling Mediation
  •     Service mediation with legacy network elements(SS7, RADIUS etc.)

As a state-of-the-art signaling transfer solution for Diameter signaling with intelligent routing, address translation and security, MACH7-iDC efficiently addresses scalability, interoperability and high-availability challenges efficiently.

It plays a key role in managing Diameter signaling for Authentication, Authorization, Charging, Mobility Management and QoS control.