IN Network Elements

MACH7-iSTP (Next Generation Signaling Transfer Point)

The teleSys MACH7-iSTP addresses service providers, network equipment manufacturers and OEMs requirements for open system, highly available, Signaling Transfer Solutions required for the complex and changing marketplace. The MACH7-iSTP provides feature-rich signaling transfer solutions based on teleSys High-Available framework, allows easy integration of revenue generating service nodes in the carrier network as well as seamless transition to the Next Generation Network model.

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MACH7-iSG (Signaling Gateway)

Inter-operability between IP based and legacy SS7 networks is a critical component for the success of incumbents and new entrants in the deregulated telecommunication industry. teleSys Signaling Gateway, the MACH7-iSG addresses service providers, network equipment manufacturers and OEM's requirements for open system, highly available, multi-protocol inter-working platforms. MACH7-iSG moves the power of SS7 to a IP-based client/server environment allowing unlimited worldwide separation of network services in Next Generation Networks.

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MACH7-SPOP (Signaling Point of Presence)

The teleSys MACH7-SPOP provides MTP interfaces to existing SS7 equipment and through connection with the MACH7-iSTP provides IP-based transport of SS7 signaling messages. With the MACH7-SPOP carriers can cost-effectively off-load signaling traffic over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This allows carriers to cost effectively deploy conventional MTP-based SS7 equipment in remote networks, as well as in customer premises or enterprise environments, which have previously been considered unacceptable for SS7.

Download MACH7-SPOP Datasheet

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Mission Statement
teleSys is the premier provider of advanced Telecommunications solutions for the next generation LTE Signaling Networks, providing open systems hardware and software.