Intelligent Networks

teleSys’ Intelligent Network (IN) signaling products provide capabilities to Network Equipment Providers (NEP) and System Integrators (SI) to offer enhanced value-added services and best-of-breed IN solutions.

teleSys’ IN Development Platforms and IN Network Elements, with their inherent high-availability (HA) (up to six nines i.e. 99.9999%) provides scalable architecture to meet breakthrough throughput performances. teleSys IN products allow service providers to optimize and enhance their network and service capabilities, complying to stringent reliability and stability requirements utilizing following signaling protocols over both traditional SS7 TDM and SIGTRAN based IP connections:

  • IS-41 ANSI-MAP
  • INAP
  • AIN
  • TCAP

teleSys' offers several SIGTRAN transport protocol options including:

  • MTP3 User Adaptation (M3UA)
  • SCCP User Adaptation (SUA)
  • MTP2 Peer-to-Peer Adaptation (M2PA)
  • MTP2 User Adaptation (M2UA)

teleSys IN Solutions have been globally deployed and used for several IN network elements including:

  • Home Location Register (HLR)
  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
  • Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)
  • Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC)
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
  • Short Message Service Center (SMSC)

Intelligent Network Services enabled by teleSys solutions includes:

  • Toll Free Service (800 number service)
  • Prepaid / Postpaid Service
  • Color Ring Back Tone
  • Number Portability (NP)
  • Calling Name (CNAM) Service
  • Unified Messaging Service
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
  • Optimal Call Routing for Roaming
  • Signaling Off-load Service
  • SMS Hub / Gateway Service
  • Roaming Broker Service
  • Voice Mail Service
Mission Statement
teleSys is the premier provider of advanced Telecommunications solutions for the next generation LTE Signaling Networks, providing open systems hardware and software.